Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name it Projectile?

I wanted a name that’s not as boring as project.el and implies that your interaction with projects is going to speed up significantly. :-)

Funny enough, a few years after Projectile was created, another similar project called project.el was born. Despite its boring name it’s a great project and happens to be part of Emacs.

Does Projectile work with TRAMP?

Yeah, it does. I don’t use TRAMP myself, however, so I never paid that much attention to the TRAMP support. It’s mostly community-maintained.

Why does Projectile violate the rule not to bind keys in the user keymap?

Historically Projectile used to use C-c p as the prefix for all of its commands. I opted for the C-c p prefix fully aware that this violates a very established Emacs convention, mostly because it felt practical and because pressing C-c C-p is not super convenient for many people. I’ve come to regret this decision, though, and it will likely be reverted down the road.

This was changed in Projectile 2.0. Currently Projectile requires users to select a prefix key for its commands explicitly.

Do you need some help cleanup up all those tickets that have piled up?

Certainly! In our issue tracker we’ve got plenty of tickets marked with Help Wanted or Good First Issue that you can take a stab at, if you’d like to help out!