Report issues and suggest features and improvements on the GitHub issue tracker. Don’t ask questions on the issue tracker - use the support channels instead.

If you want to file a bug, please provide all the necessary info listed in our issue reporting template (it’s loaded automatically when you create a new GitHub issue).

It’s usually a good idea to try to reproduce (obscure) bugs in isolation. You can do this by cloning Projectile’s GitHub repo and running eldev emacs inside it (you need to install [Eldev]( tool first). This will bring up Emacs with only the latest version of Projectile loaded. By starting fresh, with the latest code, we can ensure that the problem at hand isn’t already fixed or caused by interactions with other packages.


Patches in any form are always welcome! GitHub pull requests are even better! :-)

Before submitting a patch or a pull request make sure all tests are passing and that your patch is in line with the contribution guidelines.


Good documentation is just as important as good code.

Consider improving and extending this manual and the community wiki.

Working on the Docs

The manual is generated from the AsciiDoc files in the doc folder of Projectile’s GitHub repo and is published to Antora is used to convert the manual into HTML. The filesystem layout is described at

To make changes to the manual you simply have to change the files under doc. The manual will be regenerated manually periodically.

Installing Antora

The instructions here assume you already have (the right version of) node.js installed.

Installing the Antora is super simple:

$ npm i -g @antora/cli@2.0 @antora/site-generator-default@2.0

Check out the detailed installation instructions if you run into any problems.

Building the Site

You can build the documentation locally from the repo.

$ cd
$ antora --pull antora-playbook.yml

After you’re done with the initial setup you can use the deploy script to push changes to the site:

You’ll need commit access to the repository for this to work.

To check the generated site you can simply open docs/index.html in your favourite browser.

If you want to make changes to the manual’s page structure you’ll have to edit nav.adoc.


You can support the development of Projectile via PayPal, Patreon and GitHub Sponsors.

Running the tests in batch mode

$ cd /path/to/projectile
$ eldev test

If you need to make sure dependencies are at the latest version:

$ eldev update

Run all tests with Projectile installed as an Emacs package (i.e. byte-compiled and all that; this won’t affect your normal Emacs though):

$ eldev -p test

Tests should run fine in shell-mode or term-mode. It’s also possible to use M-x compile (or helm-make).